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Sultry Avery, a waspy, wealthy, spoiled wife and mother with a diamond level membership, clinks wine glasses with her best girlfriend, and fellow diamond level card holder, Katherine. Tonight there is a third lady joining them, Marina, as their guest at the Cherry Club for her birthday. Blessed with a pretty face, classic Italian features and a sexy body, Marina doesn't drink, preferring a more religious lifestyle, properly sipping from a water bottle. As pretty as she is, Marina isn't as confident as Avery and Katherine, and has no interest in having an affair or a cheap one-night stand. This doesn't faze Avery and Katherine at all, as the challenge of making Marina bend, and possibly succumb to the gift they have arranged for her at the club is all too exciting for them.

Avery inquires with a devilish smile, “Are you wearing your nicest panties and bra under your dress at least like common for Klang callgirls?” 

Katherine fluffs her highly styled white blonde hairdo and sneaks a hand under Marina's dress, feeling the rim of lace panties. “Oh Avery, she's wearing her lacy ones. I think she's more open to what we have in store for her than we thought.”

“Will you two stop it?” Marina slaps Katherine's hand away. “I'm looking forward to having a good time with you two, but please don't push this ridiculous idea of being gifted another woman. You know that's not for me. I'm happily married, remember?”

Avery and Katherine flash their multi-carat wedding rings in Marina's face. Marina holds her ground. “Well, I've never been wild like you two are and I'm not into women for anything more than friendship.”

“Oh, you'll make friends,” Katherine replies, “and quite a bit more, if you're lucky.”

“Katherine, you're scaring the guest,” Avery insists. “It is her birthday after all, and we are going to have an amazing evening even if she declines our gift.”

Marina is unmoved. “I can't believe you think I would just cheat on my husband without issue. Some of us take our vows to heart.”

Avery pats Marina's shoulder and restrains her forward approach, “As you should, Marina, and you know we don't judge you for being so faithful.”

“You're going to hell, Avery. So are you, Katherine. I swear, what has happened to my friends? I move away and unimaginable sinning breaks loose.”

“That's why you love us enough to fly 3,000 miles to spend your birthday weekend with us instead of with your old man.” Katherine stands, fixing her cleavage, continuing, “You didn't come to try and save us, did you? That would be a hopeless cause. Avery, let's sing, shall we? You do still sing happy birthday, don't you, Marina? Even as serious as you've become?”

Avery and Katherine harmonize, “Happy horny birthday to you... happy horny birthday to you... happy horny birthday to our dearest, most innocent Marina. Happy horny birthday to you.”

“I love how you two have so much fun at my expense,” Marina pouts, but they don't buy it.

“Well, it's our expense that's going to give you fun tonight, so come on already,” Avery states, swinging the car keys and tossing a blindfold to Katherine. “No more talk, it’s time to go. Sorry, Marina, but unless you are an actual member, you can't know the location of the club in Klang.”

Marina hesitates before allowing Katherine to put the blindfold on her head. “I'm starting to rethink my trust in you two.”

Katherine releases a wicked laugh, winking at Avery. “She's so cute. Lead the way.”Avery steps into action, adjusting her ample breasts while escorting Marina out, with Katherine covering her from behind in case she tries to escape.

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